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Why do duo yoga? This yoga for two is practised everywhere. The postures are based on lift, balance, support and confidence in the other. To learn more about yoga join Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh from Ashtanga Yoga Rishikesh’s yoga school. This yogic discipline can be practised as a couple, with a partner or a friend.

What is duo yoga?

This style of yoga is practised in pairs. The two yogis are doing figures together. Trust in others is fundamental. This pair of yoga is developing more and more in France, just look at the images on Instagram. It is practised everywhere: indoors, at the beach, in the mountains, in nature, etc.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Ashtanga Yoga Rishikesh AYR
Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Ashtanga Yoga Rishikesh AYR

The benefits of yoga for two

This discipline requires attention while taking care of the other. Connection and exchange between the two people are essential. What could be better than living a shared passion for two? 200 hour Yoga postures carried, inverted, belly, improvised aesthetically, this practice allows you to free yourself in pairs. Also called acro yoga, it can take an acrobatic form!

Ideas for duo yoga poses

Mother and child can do duo yoga together. The mother in the child’s position, her child in the same position on his back. For adults, they can combine stretching, aesthetic positions, exercises carried, the combinations are endless. Discover some yoga poses for two that will undoubtedly give you many ideas!

Duo yoga poses

Position 1 – Yoga duo

This duo yoga posture is based on the carrying of the other.

The man on the ground at the square legs outstretched allows the woman to be carried in the plank position.

She asks to contract the abdominals and the buttocks.

Regarding this figure, perfect alignment is required.

It is aesthetic!

Position 2 – Yoga for two

This two-person yoga position uses two combined postures.

It is based on stretching and controlling your body using the mastery of balance and contraction of all the muscles in the body.

The woman being in an inverted posture by mixing that of the sirsasana and that of the fish.

Man is in a downward dog position to support his partner.

This figure is acrobatic!

Duo yoga

Position 3 – Yoga for two

This duet yoga photo shows the bond between the two partners.

The man is in the warrior position, the woman in the triangle pose.

Partners combine two yoga exercises by aligning with each other in harmony.

It demonstrates the complicity between the two yogis while being aesthetic.

As you will have understood, the duo yoga postures have no limit!

With friends, family or as a couple, try your hand at yoga for two to share your passion!

Tantra yoga: the yoga of love and spirituality

Tantra yoga is nicknamed the yoga of love. This spiritual yoga frees sexuality through spirituality, touch and sound. Coming from tantrism and tantras, it is generally practised in a group.

What is Tantra Yoga?

This yoga releases energies and consciousness. Tantra means sacred sexuality appealing to the spiritual path. It is based on meditation and spirituality by having an energetic approach to sexuality. “Tan” means “weaving”, “Tra” means teaching and methods.

Tantra yoga connects the couple to unify them to fulfil sexuality. Based on concise techniques including meditation, touch, massage, hand positioning (mudras), it vibrates the body by freeing the mind and modifying the state of consciousness.

He appeals to the sensitivity and the emotions felt to better appreciate his partner. The pursuit of happiness and well-being is the goal of tantric yoga.

The benefits of tantra yoga

He brings the couple closer while keeping them away from obsessions.

Tantra yoga awakens the forces of the body, the energies to lead it on the path of liberation.

It unifies everyone on all levels: spiritual, moral, physiological, psychic, etc. The first principle of tantra is the energy of consciousness.

It makes people aware that men and women are complementary by putting an end to the contradictions between the two opposite sexes to unify them.

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