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The future of food is the future of the planet.

A better, cleaner and fairer world begins with what we put on our plates – and our daily choices determine the future of the environment, the economy and society.

If you care about local farmers, ranchers, fishermen; the welfare of animals; the joy of a shared meal; the preservation of food culture; that protect the environment or avoiding GMOs, that have a place for you at our table.

About us

Slow Food in Mexico is part of the Slow Food global network with more than 100,000 partners in more than 150 countries. Through a vast network of volunteers from local groups (Convivium), youth and local food communities, we link the pleasures of the table with a commitment to protect the community, culture, knowledge and the environment that make possible this pleasure.

Our mission, as an international nonprofit membership organization, is to promote good, clean and fair food for everyone on the planet.


Our food must be tasty, seasonal, local, fresh and healthy.


Our food must feed a healthy lifestyle and must be produced in a way that preserves biodiversity, without harming the environment and must guarantee animal welfare – without harming human health.


Our food must be available to anyone, respecting the dignity of working from the field to the fork.

For all

Good, clean and fair must be accessible to everyone in addition to celebrating the diverse cultures, traditions and people that reside in Mexico.

What do we do

Slow Food in Mexico has 32 local groups or Convivium that coordinate local activities, projects and events. Working together with members and supporters across the country, we:

We care

For preserving and sharing local food and food cultures. We defend and promote public policies that offer a holistic alternative to the industrial system. Through tastings, workshops, and social opportunities, we explore and celebrate the Slow life.

We cultivate

We develop leaders in communities who model joy and justice. We advocate for local food heritage, of great cultural importance with a variety of customs and recipes – and we support bringing these experiences to farms, markets, restaurants and homes. We teach the next generation to grow, prepare and share food responsibly.

We connect

Coexistence is fundamental to our mission. We are a global community, connecting people to the earth and to each other through local projects, educational events, and potluck. We become catalysts for change by sharing the joy of Slow Food and prioritizing healthy living over comfort.